Federal Acronyms: Understanding ACA Insurance Documents

This is an Accountable Care Act (ACA) quiz – just because we all like to be in a further state of confusion.

What is ACA?

Easy one right : Accountable Care Act.

What is OC?
That probably wasn’t fair that would be Obama Care the same as ACA (actually that wasn’t on the list)

What is DOL?
I guess everybody knows that’s Department of Labor.

Okay so now that you get the idea of where I’m going with this; consider the next acronym’s that I took from a listing I made when I read a document outlining requirements for the Accountable Care Act. And you need to remember that I got these all from one document. So see how many of these you can figure out. (It took me longer to look up the acronyms than to read the document)

EIDM (the letters actually don’t workout to the definition)

These are six of 37 different acronyms in the document I read. Some of them see frequent usage and others are relatively obscure but all of them can impact your life and the existence of your company as an employer.

Some of the Federal acronyms in ACA:

1.  AB:
Agent or broker
2.  ABE: 
Entity or individual licensed by applicable State DOI
3.  ACA: 
Affordable Care Act
4.  APTCs: 
Advance Payments of the Premium Tax Credits
5.  BY:
Benefit Year 
6.  CCIIO:   
Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight  (CMS)
7.  CFR:
Code of Federal Regulations
8.  CHP:  
Controlling Health Plan
9.  CLAS:
Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services 
10. CMS:
Centers for Medicare
11. CSRs:
Cost-Sharing Reductions
12. DOI:  
Department of Insurance
13. EIDM:
CMS Enterprise Identity Management 
14. FFE:  
Federally Facilitated Exchanges
15. FFIM:
Federally-facilitated Individual Marketplace
16. FFM:
Federally-facilitated Marketplace
17. FF-SHOP:
 Federally facilitated Small Business Health Options Program
18. FTI:
Federal Tax Information
19. HHS:
Department of Health and Human Services 
20. HIPAA:
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
21. HIX:
Health Insurance Exchanges Program
22: HPID:
Health Plan Identifiers 
23. MAGI:
Modified adjusted gross income
24. MARS-E:
Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges 
25. MLN:
Medicare Learning Network 
26. NPN:
National Producer Number
27. PHI:
Personal health information
28. PIA:
Federal Privacy Impact Assessment
29. PII:
Personally identifiable information
30. PPHI:
Protected Personal Health information
31. QHP:
Qualified Health Plan
32. SEP:
Special Enollment Periods 
33. SHOP:
Small Business Health Options Program
34. SHP:
Subhealth Plan
35. SORN:
System Of Records Notice  (homeland Security)
36. TOA:
Terms of the agreement
37. WAB:
Web agent or broker

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