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So many Health Insurance choices and so little understanding!

People sometimes ask me “How do you find things to write about”?


Are you serious? I am an insurance consultant who owns a company whose tag line is “We bring focus to the confusion of insurance!” My problem is not what to write about, it is limiting the verbiage I am capable of creating.


I’m going to resist an urge to just provide an index and say ask me what you would like to know about, but, if you have a specific question please feel free to ask me. How about “Why is medical insurance so expensive?” That could be an all day seminar but for now let’s just keep it short and say because the cost to provide medical care is so high!


Now let’s think like a 5 year old and you say “Well then why is the cost of medical care so high?” Well let’s see, medical care is so expensive because insurance pays for it and you don’t, so most people don’t actually know what it costs for care. (see article by Steven Brill, 02-20-2013 Bitter Pill: Why medical bills are killing us. and the rebuttal by Chris Conover – 5 Myths in Steven Brill’s “Bitter Pill” — Part 2)


And then you ask me “Why don’t people know what it costs, don’t they care?” Well, Dorothy, yes they care, but it has been a long process that has gotten us all to where we are now.


Many decades ago people paid for medical care when they received it. Hospitals were smaller and physicians did not have all the tools they have now. Physicians wanted to provide better treatments (and stop trading care for chickens) and people demanded better care and then Employer provided Group medical plans arose (I realize I am oversimplifying so you do not need to point that out).


As medical insurance got bigger and covered more things people who provide medical care saw that they could charge more and actually get paid. People then asked if insurance companies could just pay the physicians directly and that happened. And then cost increases really got under way. Americans are now healthier than they have ever been in history and they are afflicted by diseases they never used to live long enough to experience and they demand miracles.


In addition our life styles have led to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and others but as a people we refuse to correct the lifestyle issues because we know medical science will save us from our own lack of judgement (Are you still smoking?).  In fact, obesity has been judged to be a “covered” disability encouraging increased obesity rather than a healthier weight ( Court Upholds Severe Obesity as an ADA-Protected Impairment).


How do I find things to write about? Every paragraph above screams for an expanded article, every morning some item rises and demands attention. Topics are everywhere so the real question is How do you limit yourself?


I remind myself that some will read and comprehend, but few will act.


Of the few that act less will follow up and,


Of the very few who will comprehend, act, followup and be involved, some will have gotten value from my thoughts.


Or – maybe I just like to read my own stuff?


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