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ACA (Affordable Care Act) changing again – Are you prepared?

Trying to keep up with the changes to the ACA legislation and then interpret direction really requires a large staff of dedicated masochists. I have neither a large staff nor do I enjoy abuse which makes it all the more difficult for me.


I decided to look into the bill that the president signed on Monday. I thought I might just list the index titles and then discuss what actual changes there were.


Well Duh – It turns out there are actually very few “changes”. What really occurs is a delay in implementation. The phrase that jumps out at you is “..amended by striking ‘‘April 1, 2014’’ and inserting ‘‘April 1, 2015’’ each place it appears.” That phrase, or some version of it, appears repeatedly in the bill.


I am not commenting here on whether or not these are good changes, and in truth most people would not take issue with most of it. However, as with most legislation it is dangerous to look at the title and assume it has anything to do with what’s going on in the bill. In this case the bill is titled: “To amend the Social Security Act to extend Medicare payments to physicians and other provisions of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and for other purposes.”


What you really need to be paying attention to is that term “… and for other purposes.” It’s sort of brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it to consider the endless possibilities that engenders. For example would you expect that a bill to “extend Medicare payments..” would include removing limitations on deductibles Employers can use in their plan designs? That is where “…and for other purposes.” comes in.


So! If you were not aware already how important it is to really listen to the words people use and then employ your best critical thinking – now you know! News people are selling stories, not truth. Politicians are brokering power and influence, not truth. You and I are trying to figure out how it all will impact the cost of Groceries and Payroll, and hope the stock market doesn’t crash again.


Somewhere in all of that there is a reality that you can only determine if you pay attention and listen to opposing arguments.

Best of luck! (And call us if you have questions)., 602-381-9900!

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