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Alert: Human Resource Directors of Companies with Over the Road Truck Drivers.


HR directors of Companies with Over the Road Truck Drivers, and probably any truck driver affected by DOT regulation, need to be paying attention to a deadline of May 21, 2014.


I know, “What another deadline I wasn’t aware of?”


Actually if you are the HR director for a company with these DOT regulated drivers you probably knew that the rules are changing for DOT medical examiners and physicals. But in the event that you had missed that somewhere along the line it is a big deadline on May 21. 2014.


Here is a small section of the wording from a very big document:“National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners DATES: Effective on May 21, 2012. Compliance required beginning on May 21, 2014.”


SUMMARY: FMCSA establishes a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) with requirements that all medical examiners who conduct physical examinations for interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers meet the following criteria: complete certain training concerning FMCSA’s physical qualification standards, pass a test to verify an understanding of those standards, and maintain and demonstrate competence through periodic training and testing. Following establishment of the National Registry and a transition period, FMCSA will require that motor carriers and drivers use only those medical examiners on the Agency’s National Registry and will only accept as valid medical examiner’s certificates issued by medical examiners listed on the National Registry.”


You might look at this and say it only affects the doctors who do the physicals, but like all things that come out of the federal government you do not want to be fooled by the title of the bill. Here is the problem, not only does this change the doctors that are going to be available, and probably drastically reduce the pool of doctors, it also changes the kinds of things your drivers are going to be required to do.


For example: it will now be required that all of your drivers are subject to scrutiny by the medical examiner for sleep apnea and several other conditions. In the event they are found to be suffering from sleep apnea, and a large number of them are, you will be required to make sure that they get treatment and verify that they are maintaining it.


I would like to make a plug for a wellness program right here for those of you who don’t know what they are or have not implemented one yet because weight loss goes a long way toward helping sleep apnea. However, weight loss is not going to solve the problem because you’re going to be required to get them devices for the various things they may need to treat things like diabetes sleep apnea and other driver issues.


Although they are not the only company who will be able to help you with these issues, there is one that I am aware of that has come up with a particularly cost-effective way to treat the sleep apnea in particular, TDSAS.


Suffice to say that along with summary plan documents, audits for 1099 compliance, and dramatic tax changes this is just another one in a long line of things that are very important to keep track of. If you wonder where all of this information came from and need follow-up help please feel free to give us a call at Focus Benefits Group and we will get you in touch with the right people, 602-381-9900.


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