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How does a Coyote kill a chicken?…The Health Insurance Fable.

You might be asking yourself, “Bill, how does that relate to your usual focus on employee benefits and healthcare spending?” Well, consider these headline issues!


Largest US year over year increase in health spending since 2005 (7.1%) Look for rate increases.

MERS outbreak in the US, health officials worried about containment! Watch your traveling Staff.

DOL and IRS increasing enforcement efforts in compliance. Are you ready for an audit?

Obesity added as a protected disability. How does that impact your wellness efforts?

Minimum wage being considered again. How do you plan for the impact of changes on profitability?

Casualty markets harden! What if your business cannot obtain product liability coverage?


You see this stuff every day on Google and Yahoo and if you read it all, and also listen to talk radio, you will just want to move to Colorado and get mellow in the smoke.


“Hello Bill! How does a Coyote kill a chicken?”


Ok – Here’s the deal. If you live where a lot of chickens run around outside, you will note that they tend to stay in a group. When a Coyote comes on the scene, or a neighbor’s dog, the chickens scatter and there is general chaos with lots of noise and confusion. The neighbor’s dog might get lucky, but usually they run all over constantly being distracted by the chaos.


The Coyote approaches but hesitates to watch the chickens and how they are moving. He is picking out a target, while the chickens are still relatively calm. When he makes his move he will run past all other chickens and concentrate on the target chicken. He will come back day after day until he decimates the flock.


Being a business owner or an HR director is frequently about knowing what to focus on and what to be aware of, but ignore for now. Not everything people are excited about today needs to distract you. Much what you see is chaos created by people selling chaos or solutions to problems created by the chaos.


You need to be aware of issues that affect your life and your business, but don’t let the abundance of issues distract you from your target.


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