Questions not asked and decisions not made

There is a country song about some of our greatest gifts being unanswered prayers and today I am listening to a financial radio program about the value of ‘..decisions not made..” as I recall that song.


Frequently legislators and much of the public tend to respond with what we call knee jerk reactions. Business owners should realize this is usually a bad idea and take some time to assess situations before they respond to the latest news.


I am reminded of two employees a few years back who got into a personal squabble. One of them discussed the issue over lunch with their manager. Later that day a group of management called the employees into the conference room to discuss the situation and how they planned to address it. The employees were surprised and stated that they had settled that issue between themselves earlier that day.


As situations and issues come up resist the urge to grab your cellphone or laptop and fire off a response. Let some time to think take place, some time to reflect, and then look at the issue again and decide if it was just emotion of the moment or is it an issue you need to address.

-A message from Bill Weaver, 602-381-9900, Focus Benefits Group.

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