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What is the best way to save thousands of dollars on Health Care Costs?

If you are spending somewhere around $400 per month to have health insurance why would you not want to read that headline? And if you are insuring a family it might be around $1800 per month. What average income person (less than $52,000/yr)  has a spare $22,000 per year to spend on insurance? That is bigger than a house and car payment.


House  $250,000 $  860/mo  $10,000/yr
Car       $  20,000 $  332/mo  $ 3,984/yr
Total                     $1192/mo  $13,984/yr


And what are you getting? You hope it is a promise to pay your medical bills if you or a family member has a serious medical condition.


You need to stop insuring the small risks, start committing to being healthy, get a higher deductible, an HSA or similar plan and start saving money. You are throwing your money away if you are in love with your low co-pay and low deductible.


Here it is:
Health care cost is the problem!
Health insurance cost is the symptom.


You do not cure cancer by covering up skin lesions with band aids. You have to do things that matter – sun screen from an early age, know what causes it, surgery when necessary.


So – get healthy, stay healthy, get off the couch and stop watching all those TV dramas, get bigger deductibles, start saving money every month no matter what, get to know your primary care doctor, find a pharmacist you trust, get an insurance person who actually understands economics and has your best interest at heart, and always remember you are  the only person involved whose life depends on you being right.  If all your advisors are wrong they still go home to their families – you die!


If you want good advice on saving money, give us a call, (602) 381-9900.

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