Conversations in a Diner and your Insurance Coverage

To the best of my knowledge you can only get fried mush for breakfast at the Hoosier Café in Chandler. Or you have to go to the Midwest somewhere. So, I go there on Sunday mornings to have breakfast and write (or read about ACA).


Recently I was considering Blog topics over my fried mush and became aware of conversations around me. I know, thats eaves dropping but if a conversation is loud enough to be heard from four tables away I think it is a public discussion.




Patron: “How much do you have in the stock market?”


Waitress “Not a single penny!”


Patron – “Probably smart everybody knows there will be a crash.”


Two patrons Guy 1- “How low do you think gas prices will go?”


Guy 2 – ” Until people start buying gas guzzlers again and then gas will skyrocket again.”


Guy 1 – “Yea, car makers and gas companies work together to protect each other.”


Different people – Person 1 – “I just got the bill for my health insurance and those (expletives deleted) raised my deductible and my premium. I cannot afford it.”


Person 2 “And you know you can’t drop it, the IRS will come take your paycheck.”


The best one: Two women waiting for a young man who arrived later.


Woman 1 – “My grand kid is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.”


Woman 2 – “Penny your grand kids might be cute but that son of yours is dumber than those Durocs ( a pig variety) you raise and you know it.”


Woman 1 – “True but he and that girl he married make pretty babies.”


What struck me was that, except for the conversation between the two women, most of the information was incorrect and based on a total lack of understanding


or critical thinking skills. Those two women knew the topic and were being completely honest with each other.


Conversation 1 is an example of the self fulfilling prophecy, and Conversation 2 involves a lack of understanding in too many economic realities to get into here.


Conversation 3 is my area and it demonstrates the lack of understanding, and fear, we deal with everyday. For the record, the IRS will not come get your paycheck


if you do not have medical coverage, but, they might extract a fine out of your tax return.


For as long as I have been involved in Health insurance people have been asking for insurance that had more coverage, was guaranteed issue and had no


limitations based on preexisting conditions. As the old maxim goes “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.


“In this case all of those requests have now been granted, even for free in some cases, and people are outraged by what came with what they asked for – “I thoughtthe cost would go down!”


The cost of insurance coverage cannot, and will not, go down as long as the claims payments keep going up.


Premium cost can be somewhat controlled by using “Limited Networks” but you need to be prepared to not have access to the “Very Best” if you have a serious medical issue.


Actual medical cost, the real problem, cannot be controlled unless you and everybody else live a more healthy lifestyle. That means lose weight, eat better food, get off your rear end and walk, stop smoking, stay off motorcycles and fast boats, shut off your electronics and talk to each other, become more responsible for your own actions, etc. You know, all that stuff we all say somebody else should do but not us. And, education is critical!


You just cannot understand what is going on without education. You are never too old and Community College is affordable and they take everybody.


John Wayne “Life is hard; It’s even harder when your stupid!” Being stupid might be genetic but being uninformed is intentional and under your direct control.


So rather than making rash statements in coffee shops about healthcare and insurance why not contact me and ask about how it all works, ask for Bill, 602-381-9900!

Aankomst John Wayne op Schiphol *18 november 1960

John Wayne *18 november 1960


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