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No wining, or littering.

Now and then you just have to stop being so serious and look out for fun stuff. I found something really fun. Especially if you are:
A.  a serious wine drinker and


B. you are environmentally conscious, AND


C. you are looking for a novel gift idea.


What if all those wine bottles you have been throwing away could be recycled as a set of drinking glasses – with your name engraved on them?


I am at another Tradeshow and one of the vendors is a Ray Delmuro ( who takes your used wine bottles and cuts them down into drinking glasses. He can engrave your name on them if you want. I realize this may not sound like such a big deal but if you hold one of these in your hands you get a different notion about them.


We all know I can get too wordy and just carry on and on so I will keep this short, after all it is not insurance compliance it is just for fun. But, I am getting a set of four (and Ray said he can do just one glass with a name engraved if I want), so if you want to see and feel them just stop by the office.

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