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Dogs and insurance

Insurance is a contract and like any other contract it has language that says if you lied they do not have to pay. This really only comes up when you have a claim for something that will cost a lot of money. If your German Shepherd grabs a neighbor because they either hit the dog or the dog thought they were threatening your child, it becomes clear you have a dog “on the list”. Now you may have to prove you got the dog after the insurance was purchased or that you told the agent and the agent ignored the dog. Continue reading

Cigar Justice: To insure or not to insure

A North Carolina attorney filed a claim for the loss of a box of cigars in “..a series of small fires.” After some litigation the attorney was paid $15,000 for the damaged cigars. Continue reading

You won a vacation in Europe, what do you take with you?

And now let’s talk about Medical coverage. Do not travel out of the United States without International medical coverage. It is perhaps the best buy in medical insurance you can find. Your domestic medical policy “might” provide coverage in other countries but you may need to pay the bill and then submit for reimbursement when you get home. Continue reading