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Is there a difference between being Skinny and Valuable?

When the ACA came out they designated four plans called “metal plans” as acceptable standards for insurance coverage. They were called metal plans because they were named Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each plan provided more coverage as the metal value increased. Then the chaos began. Employers (and everybody else) found that these plans were really expensive. Clearly “Affordable” was only in some parallel universe based on a different income system. Some very bright insurance people, attorneys and CPAS found that if you read the ACA law carefully you could offer a medical insurance plan that did not include all that expensive coverage and still be in compliance.
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Skinny Plans and Minimum Value coverage

As the Affordable Care Act rolled out, employers began trying to avoid compliance in any way they could find. My advice has been to plan for implementation and do it right because it is coming and will not go away. Continue reading

Wellness…What’s in it for the employer?

Employers who understand leadership and productivity also understand that helping employees be healthier (mental and physical) leads to reduced workers compensation claims, increased presenteeism, reduction in employees mistakes and theft, and all of that leads to lower cost of production and increased output.
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