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Why not just fire all the old people to reduce benefit costs?

Here’s the deal – as much as any of us may dislike or disagree with the ACA it is law and it will continue to implement. You need to understand the economics that drive this law and prepare for a changing business environment. Continue reading

Is a “Private Exchange” just new paint on an old house?

All insurance depends on spreading risk across a large population of people who may not use it so we can pay the claims for those who do use it. For decades medical insurance companies have used “risk pooling” to group similar risks together so they can provide affordable coverage to their clients. In many cases a process called “Multiple Employer Trust” was used to offer medical coverage to employer groups. These were all risk spreading methods. In addition multiple plans were offered in the same employer to provide employee choice. And then the term “Exchange” came into the lexicon.
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What is the most popular soup?

Still the most popular soup by number sold and by preferred type…. Continue reading