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Subrogation: What is that and how does it relate to Insurance?

Right at that point your medical plan (and your auto insurance carrier) can “Subrogate” the claim and take back whatever they spent on your medical bills. As disconcerting as that might be to the person who was injured (it might mean they actually get nothing) employers also need to be paying attention to this in
regard to their plan documentation.
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Should you enroll for health insurance with a company that has declared they will be going out of business?

Recently, a company made up in part of insurance companies that helped create the modern U.S. major medical market, says it will stop taking applications for new individual major medical coverage, short-term health insurance and insured group coverage June 15. Continue reading

What is the best way to save thousands of dollars on Health Care Costs?

You need to stop insuring the small risks, start committing to being healthy, get a higher deductible, an HSA or similar plan and start saving money. You are throwing your money away if you are in love with your low co-pay and low deductible. Continue reading