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Cancel the wedding, the hotel wants me to get insurance!

I recently received a call from an event planner I know who wanted to know if it was common for a hotel to require that a wedding party obtain liability Insurance that covered the hotel. My knee jerk response was “No!” and then I had some questions.
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How does this relate to insurance, which is my usual topic? While I could relate it to the value of EAP plans, which the more forward thinking employers encourage, the real reason I did this was to comment on courage. We can all keep complaining about the government, our spouse, our kids, our boss, our co-workers, and the what ever it is that annoys you. Or! We can Cowboy up and say something, get involved, do something that makes a difference.
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How does a Coyote kill a chicken?…The Health Insurance Fable.

Being a business owner or an HR director is frequently about knowing what to focus on and what to be aware of, but ignore for now. Not everything people are excited about today needs to distract you. Much what you see is chaos created by people selling chaos or solutions to problems created by the chaos. Continue reading