Health Insurance Costs

Ask Bill: Should we say that people with no health insurance will get no care unless they are wealthy?

“Healthcare” is the actual provision of treatment for the infirm and injured. It comes with attendant costs to maintain the overall system and pay the providers. For most of history, this was taken care of by direct payment to physicians by those who could afford it; by barter of goods for those who did not have monetary support, and by virtue of providers like churches and other good Samaritans for the poor and indigent. While the barter system has virtually disappeared from healthcare offerings, direct monetary payment and free treatment clinics are still the primary Insurance as a system came into being, as people became less agrarian and the health care system improved and became more expensive. Continue reading

That wellness and outreach health insurance stuff is a lot of touchy feely baloney!

Let’s look at a story from AHIP today: “Chronic hypertension may increase risk of pregnancy complications” . There is the obvious human response that nobody wants to risk damage to somebody’s child. But many business owners might respond that they provide a quality medical plan and it is the mothers responsibility to be healthy for her child’s sake. Continue reading

Is being 80% insured like being just a little pregnant?

Your home owners policy requires that you insure your home for at least 80% of it’s value. The idea here is that if you only insured your home for let’s say 40% of it’s value then why should your insurance company pay 100% of your homes value if it burns down? Continue reading

Alert: Human Resource Directors of Companies with Over the Road Truck Drivers.

Human resource directors of companies with over the road truck drivers, and probably any truck driver affected by DOT regulation, need to be paying attention to a deadline of May 21, 2014. Continue reading

ACA (Affordable Care Act) changing again – Are you prepared?

Trying to keep up with the changes to the ACA legislation and then interpret direction really requires a large staff of dedicated masochists. I have neither a large staff nor do I enjoy abuse which makes it all the more difficult for me. Continue reading

Next Halloween go as something really scary – a Data Breach.

In Data Breaches you get penalized for not adequately protecting your stuff from criminals and you also are required to reimburse or protect anybody who had data under your control. That frankly looks like justice turned upside down to me. Continue reading

Employers no longer have to contribute to the employee cost of insurance?

For all of the forty years I have been involved in employee benefits there has been a provider requirement that the employer pay some porton of the premium cost. Traditionally this has been at least 50% of the employee only cost. This, coupled with a participation requirement, assures the plan is not selected against. Continue reading

So many Health Insurance choices and so little understanding!

Now let’s think like a 5 year old and you say “Well then why is the cost of medical care so high?” Well let’s see, medical care is so expensive because insurance pays for it and you don’t, so most people don’t actually know what it costs for care. (see article by Steven Brill, 02-20-2013 Bitter Pill: Why medical bills are killing us. and the rebuttal by Chris Conover – 5 Myths in Steven Brill’s “Bitter Pill” — Part 2)
Continue reading

Federal Acronyms: Understanding ACA Insurance Documents

These are six of 37 different acronyms in the((Affordable Care Act) document I read. Some of them see frequent usage and others are relatively obscure but all of them can impact your life and the existence of your company as an employer. Continue reading

What is Short-Term or temporary medical insurance?

First, Short Term Medical Insurance is a product designed to provide short-term or temporary medical coverage during a short-term loss of major medical coverage. You can typically purchase this for one to six months and depending on the company you can renew it to extend the period of coverage. Continue reading