ACA (Affordable Care Act) changing again – Are you prepared?

Trying to keep up with the changes to the ACA legislation and then interpret direction really requires a large staff of dedicated masochists. I have neither a large staff nor do I enjoy abuse which makes it all the more difficult for me. Continue reading

Employers no longer have to contribute to the employee cost of insurance?

For all of the forty years I have been involved in employee benefits there has been a provider requirement that the employer pay some porton of the premium cost. Traditionally this has been at least 50% of the employee only cost. This, coupled with a participation requirement, assures the plan is not selected against. Continue reading

Federal Acronyms: Understanding ACA Insurance Documents

These are six of 37 different acronyms in the((Affordable Care Act) document I read. Some of them see frequent usage and others are relatively obscure but all of them can impact your life and the existence of your company as an employer. Continue reading

Does Insurance pay this? How many times a day do health care providers and insurance people hear that question?

“Insurance cost” is a symptom and “health care cost” is the problem. You may not be able to afford the Mayo Clinic but that does not mean health care is not available to you. And now healthcare coverage is available to everybody who wants to apply for it. Continue reading