employee benefits

Wellness…What’s in it for the employer?

Employers who understand leadership and productivity also understand that helping employees be healthier (mental and physical) leads to reduced workers compensation claims, increased presenteeism, reduction in employees mistakes and theft, and all of that leads to lower cost of production and increased output.
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It’s my life and I’ll do what I want to! Wellness, why care?

People already know what will make them healthier, what would make them happier, what would make them thinner, they just don’t do it. And calling to tell them they are slacking doesn’t help. If it did, nagging would be called coaching and men would put the toilet seats down more frequently. Continue reading

Why not just fire all the old people to reduce benefit costs?

Here’s the deal – as much as any of us may dislike or disagree with the ACA it is law and it will continue to implement. You need to understand the economics that drive this law and prepare for a changing business environment. Continue reading

What you don’t know about about your Employee Insurance Coverge can hurt you.

In every area of your business somebody specializes in some small aspect of what you do. The people who specialize in selling things you need are essentially partners in your success. They are not the problem. People who specialize in regulations and legal issues will be the problem. Continue reading

Questions not asked and decisions not made

Frequently legislators and much of the public tend to respond with what we call knee jerk reactions. Business owners should realize this is usually a bad idea and take some time to assess situations before they respond to the latest news. Continue reading

Remember that Exotic dancer that received life insurance money because she was the legal beneficiary?

Employers frequently minimize the value of life plans, and employees forget about them, but these are valuable benefits that only come into play when death occurs – OR – with the anticipation of death in some cases. Continue reading

True Story: Mom has to give 20 year old son’s life insurance payment to an “Exotic Dancer”

While a person may leave life insurance proceeds to pretty much anybody they want, very few people understand the ramifications of that action. And very few people remember to change the beneficiary if they have a life change – or just change their mind. Continue reading