Health Care Costs

Why does health care insurance have to be so confusing?

Insurance is merely an agreement between you and somebody else to take financial responsibility if an event you have agreed on should happen. If you just cannot bring yourself to read the whole boring policy just read the Exclusions because it tells you what is NOT covered.
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Four Groups Need Paycheck Protection. Are You in One of Them?

Just how valuable is your paycheck? To find out, multiply your annual earnings by the years until retirement. By doing this simple equation, you can quickly see that your income far exceeds the worth of all your other assets combined. Continue reading

Does Insurance pay this? How many times a day do health care providers and insurance people hear that question?

“Insurance cost” is a symptom and “health care cost” is the problem. You may not be able to afford the Mayo Clinic but that does not mean health care is not available to you. And now healthcare coverage is available to everybody who wants to apply for it. Continue reading