Health Insurance Costs

Do you really need to outrun the bear or just be self-insured?

Just being partially self-insured cannot guarantee you will not see cost increases, but it will give you the tools to set that goal and then work to achieve it. Continue reading

How does a Coyote kill a chicken?…The Health Insurance Fable.

Being a business owner or an HR director is frequently about knowing what to focus on and what to be aware of, but ignore for now. Not everything people are excited about today needs to distract you. Much what you see is chaos created by people selling chaos or solutions to problems created by the chaos. Continue reading

So many Health Insurance choices and so little understanding!

Now let’s think like a 5 year old and you say “Well then why is the cost of medical care so high?” Well let’s see, medical care is so expensive because insurance pays for it and you don’t, so most people don’t actually know what it costs for care. (see article by Steven Brill, 02-20-2013 Bitter Pill: Why medical bills are killing us. and the rebuttal by Chris Conover – 5 Myths in Steven Brill’s “Bitter Pill” — Part 2)
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Small Business Disability Insurance: Higher Volumes Result in Lower Costs

Sometimes putting your employees first benefits you, them and your bottom line. Sophia Parker was a 46-year-old accountant and a small business owner with two clerical employees. When she decided she needed income protection, she found protecting her employees’ paychecks as well as hers had multiple benefits. Continue reading