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Health Insurance Coverage

ACA (Affordable Care Act) Health Insurance Enrollment Period and Deadline

The enrollment period and deadline for the ACA (Affordable Care Act) Health Insurance Plans is approaching quickly. Bill Weaver of Focus Benefits Group in Phoenix, AZ will give you resources for more information and important dates to remember. Continue reading

Can you drop your COBRA Coverage and enroll in exchange plans?

HR managers need to be aware that new rules have been issued regarding COBRA notification. For example, your COBRA notification now needs to carry clarification of the enrollment process and the rules surrounding it. You do not want to be issuing COBRA notifications that do not indicate that people not wishing to carry COBRA are only allowed to choose federal marketplace plans during the official open enrollment period. Continue reading

What do you mean my doctor is not accepted in your network, I asked if they accept my insurance before I went!

The majority of medical providers will say yes if you ask if they accept your insurance. (unless it is Medicare and they may say they do not accept Medicare patients.) This does not mean they will be “in network” and thus be subject to the contracts that limit what the physician may charge you. Continue reading

Does Insurance pay this? How many times a day do health care providers and insurance people hear that question?

“Insurance cost” is a symptom and “health care cost” is the problem. You may not be able to afford the Mayo Clinic but that does not mean health care is not available to you. And now healthcare coverage is available to everybody who wants to apply for it. Continue reading