health insurance

Should you enroll for health insurance with a company that has declared they will be going out of business?

Recently, a company made up in part of insurance companies that helped create the modern U.S. major medical market, says it will stop taking applications for new individual major medical coverage, short-term health insurance and insured group coverage June 15. Continue reading

Today I was Honored!

On Tuesday I received a call from a person looking for help with their personal medical insurance. Like many people they had tried the .gov web site and spoken to somebody who just confused them. “I felt I was not getting good advice.” Continue reading

Appearance over reality. How are you insured?

To properly make decisions you must be capable of critical thinking and you must have the ability to “Gore your own ox” now and then. That means you do not deal in the appearance of justice or insurance, you always support real justice based in real evidence and you only buy “real” insurance based on need and real risk. Continue reading

Ask Bill: Should we say that people with no health insurance will get no care unless they are wealthy?

“Healthcare” is the actual provision of treatment for the infirm and injured. It comes with attendant costs to maintain the overall system and pay the providers. For most of history, this was taken care of by direct payment to physicians by those who could afford it; by barter of goods for those who did not have monetary support, and by virtue of providers like churches and other good Samaritans for the poor and indigent. While the barter system has virtually disappeared from healthcare offerings, direct monetary payment and free treatment clinics are still the primary Insurance as a system came into being, as people became less agrarian and the health care system improved and became more expensive. Continue reading