Does Insurance pay this? How many times a day do health care providers and insurance people hear that question?

“Insurance cost” is a symptom and “health care cost” is the problem. You may not be able to afford the Mayo Clinic but that does not mean health care is not available to you. And now healthcare coverage is available to everybody who wants to apply for it. Continue reading

Are you ready for this? The PPACA (Obama Care) definition of what a full-time employee is may be changing. For larger employers this just had to make your day.

Well today there was an article stating that H. R. 2575 passed out of the Ways and Means Committee by a 23 to 14 vote. It’s not time to be popping any champagne corks but it may mean that saner minds are beginning to prevail in Congress. Continue reading

Do you think PPACA (Obamacare) has been repealed?

In April 2013, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health tracking poll reported: 42% of Americans are unaware that PPACA is still law 12% believe the law has been repealed by Congress and is no longer law 7% believe it’s been overturned by the Supreme Court About half of the public (49%) says that they do not enough information about the health reform law to understand how it will impact their own family, a proportion which rises to 56% among those non-elderly living in low income households and 58% among the uninsured.
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